Located in the heart of Indiana, Pulaski County is a welcoming atmosphere for families, businesses, tourism, and more.

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Places and Tourism

With over 10,000 acres of state parks, hundreds of thriving small businesses, and festivals aplenty,  Pulaski County has much to offer tourists.

Meet Pulaski County

With a population of 13,000-plus, Pulaski County offers a rural work ethic, safe and secure neighborhoods, and a laid-back and charming quality of life that a large city cannot provide. Pulaski County has many outstanding possibilities; now is the time to investigate what we offer for you.

“Pulaski County isn’t just a great place for my business, it’s a great place for my family.”

“No matter what gets you out and moving, you’ll find a wide variety of options in Pulaski County.”

Popular Destinations


Pulaski County is rich with history and lore. From the pronunciation of ‘Pulaski’ to our homegrown celebrities,…


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Local Media

What’s happening in Pulaski County and our part of Indiana? Check out these fine media outlets to…

Health and Services

Whether you’re in need of hospitalization, rehabilitation, or in-home visits; a short stay or long-term arrangements; care…

Community Organizations

  Pulaski County is home to great community organizations. Learn about some of them below.

Education and Libraries

Pulaski County takes pride in the excellent schools educating our youth, our strong Purdue Extension program, and…

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