Pulaski County is rich with history and lore. From the pronunciation of ‘Pulaski’ to our homegrown celebrities, locals have plenty of great stories to share.

Pulaski, a man with a history

Brigadier General Casimir Pulaski, for whom our county was named (Click here to see how we pronounce it, and why.), was born in the province of Podolia, Poland,…

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Pulaski County, an Indiana legacy

The land that now forms Pulaski County was ceded by the Potawatomi Indians to the United States on 26 October 1832, in a treaty signed in Rochester…

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What’s in a name — or how you say it?

The truth is that we’re not 100-percent positive as to why we pronounce the name of our home ‘pə-las-sky’, when the Americanized Polish name is pronounced ‘pə-las-kee’….

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A number of notable people have come from, or been closely associated with, Pulaski County. Charles A. Arens, an early aviation enthusiast, constructed a biplane in 1915 and flew…

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Local journalist Karen Clem Fritz’s Pulaski County contribution to the Images of America series is an invaluable, accessible source for more of the history of our fair community;…

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