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America’s Run For the Fallen – Pulaski County leg

June 20 – 30, Indiana

On Memorial Day of 2008 in Norfolk Virginia, the Honor and Remember Flag was publicly unveiled to become a nationally recognized symbol of remembrance. This flag was established as a tangible reminder to all Americans of the high price paid for the freedoms we enjoy. It represents all generations of fallen heroes from all wars, all branches of service and all causes of death while serving or as a result of serving. It is a daily visual celebration of the lives it represents and a sign of appreciation to the thousands of grieving families left behind. Three weeks later on the west coast …..

On Flag Day, June 14, 2008, a dedicated team of runners participated in the first Run for the Fallen and ran 4100 miles across America from Fort Irwin, CA to Arlington National Cemetery, one mile for every Soldier, Sailor, Airmen, and Marine killed since the War on Terror began. A total of 3800 service members. For ten weeks, team members marked each mile with an American flag and biographical sign card in an apolitical reflection of remembrance of each life lost.

During the course of these historic events the founders of these two organizations met and instantly formed a bond realizing that their missions were perfectly aligned. Since that moment in 2008 they began a lasting friendship and a common goal that precipitated a parallel path.

The 2018 Run for the Fall will come through Pulaski County on day 76, 21 June. It will enter from Jasper County on County Road 200 South, travel two miles northward on State Road 39, and then turn eastward on State Road 14, coming through Winamac before heading toward Fulton County.

Winamac’s own fallen Marine, SSgt Tyler Fox will be commemorated with a route mile 5,441, in Virginia, on 3 August, and his parents will be traveling to witness the section traveled in honor of their son.

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